Allura Red AC

Allura Red AC
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  • Definition

    Allura Red AC is an azo dye derived from petroleum. It is the most commonly used red food dye.

  • Health considerations

    Animal studies testing very high doses of Allura Red show no significant adverse effects. Recent studies have suggested that consumption of a mix of artificial dyes, including Allura Red, in combination with benzoates, a type of preservative, may lead to hyperactive behaviour in children. Studies where synthetic dies were eliminated from a child's diet found nutrient deficiencies as, given the prevalence of synthetic dye usage, a large variety of foods had to be eliminated. This dye contains benzidene, a human and animal carcinogen.

  • Keep in mind

    Allura Red usage is discouraged in Europe, and banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, and Switzerland.

  • May be found in

    Fruit-filled pastries, chocolate, frozen desserts, processed seafood items

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