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  • Definition

    Alitame is an artificial sweetener containing, like aspartame, aspartic acid. It is 2,000 times sweeter than sugar and 10 times sweeter than aspartame. It is approved in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and China.

  • Health considerations

    Alitame is safe for people with phenylketonuria, unlike aspartame. Animal studies using very high intake over an extended period of time showed increased mortality and some liver damage, and reduced bodyweight in offspring. In humans receiving 15 times the expected daily intake of alitame, assuming it were the only sweetener in the diet, for 14 days straight, no adverse effects were seen. Alitame has not shown significant carcinogenic activity.

  • May be found in

    Baked goods, water-based flavoured drinks, flavoured dairy beverages, dairy-based desserts, cream, ice cream, frozen desserts, jams, confectionery, dietetic foods, sweeteners and syrups, processed fruits and vegetables, custard, sauces, toppings, breads

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