EitFood EU
What to do

Follow the set-by-step checklist to ensure you’re providing the correct content. Please read all six steps and ensure that you have understood the requirements and have your content prepared prior to submission:

Step 1

Browse through foodunfolded.com to see how you think the section would fit. Don’t forget the sign-in/profile section, perhaps your project would fit better here.

Step 2

Contact the FoodUnfolded Editorial Team to discuss and agree on placement of section.

Send email to sofia.kuhn@eitfood.eu

Send your submission


The individual content to file into your section will need go through the editorial process.

Step 3

Involve your web agency (this can be the FoodUnfolded web agency, but it doesn’t have to be) and start developing design mock-ups. Make sure you adhere to the branding guidelines.

Download guidelines


Note for developers: FoodUnfolded uses ExpressionEngine, NOT Wordpress.

Step 4

Submit the design concept of the newly developed section to FoodUnfolded for approval. Any content that needs to be published in the section, needs to be discussed with editorial team.

Content Editing Process:

  • Send your first draft to FoodUnfolded editorial team
  • The revision process can include up to two rounds
  • Can’t make the editor’s changes? Let’s talk:

Set-up a video call with editors to discuss your content and needs, if some changes cannot be made or if you have any additional inquiries.


If edits and style are not properly adjusted, the content will not be published on FoodUnfolded.

Step 5

Finalise the section development with agency, and submit final working version (but not live) to FoodUnfolded for final approval.

Once approved, go to Step 6.


If the FoodUnfolded style is not adhered to the section will not be published on FoodUnfolded.

Go live

You’ve put in the hard work and now your content will appear on the FoodUnfolded website.

  • We will let you know once your content is live
  • Why not promote your content to your network and across your social media platforms, mkaing sure to share the link?