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What to do

Follow the step-by-step checklist to ensure you're providing the correct content to FoodUnfolded. Read all 7 steps and ensure that you have understood the requirements and have your content prepared prior to submission:

Step 2

Browse through foodunfolded.com and our Instagram to understand our style.

Step 3

Contact the FoodUnfolded Editorial Team to discuss potential ideas/concepts, and timeline.

Submission email to marieke.vanschoonhoven@eitfood.eu, including:

Send your submission

Step 4

After approval by FoodUnfolded editorial team, go to Step 5.

Step 5

Creating your content. Ensure your submission adheres to the following checkmarks before proceeding to Step 6:

1. Does it adhere to one of the following FoodUnfolded guidelines?

  • Editorial
  • Video
  • Branding
  • Article Template
  • Instagram

2. Educational Takeaway: Remember the purpose of your content - it should always have educational takeaways for our audience.

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3. Does not mention your project, unless it’s for the purpose of explaining context of a study. But it should not be anything more than a one-line contextual explanation.

4. Not a commercial advert. Does not focus on a brand product, but the technology or explanation.

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Step 6

The Submission & Revision process:

  1. Send your first draft to FoodUnfolded editorial team
  2. The revision process can include up to two rounds
  3. Can’t make the editor’s changes? Let’s talk.
  4. Set-up a video call with editors to discuss your content and needs, if some changes cannot be made or if you have any additional inquiries.


If edits and style are not properly adjusted, the content will not be published on FoodUnfolded.


Note the following guidelines on timelines:

  • Articles: depending on revision process, it can take between 2-4 weeks to have your article posted online at foodunfolded.com
  • Videos: flexible in publication, but should get in touch with the team as soon as you can for deliverable timeline
  • Instagram campaigns: Must give notice at least 3-4 weeks before campaign date, to organize proper materials.


Inventive ways to communicate your deliverables.

Article Suggestions

“5 Ways to Spot Real Organic Food” or “Organic vs Non-organic Food: How to Tell Which From Which”
“3D Printed Food | How It Works” or “6 Foods to Make With 3D Printers”
“Your Kids Hate Vegetables? | 4 Methods That Might Work For Parents”

Article Examples

  • Top 9 Food Trends in 2019

    Top 9 Food Trends in 2019

    Growing climate change awareness, digitalisation and an increasingly health conscious society has undoubtedly driven trends for food-based innovations in recent years. Read on to see how the top 9 trends of 2019 have helped to shape food tech innovations near you.

  • How Health Claims Are Regulated

    How Health Claims Are Regulated

    Have you ever worried that health claims that you see on food labels are exaggerated or simply made up?

  • Insect Farming | How Insects Help Reduce Food Waste

    Insect Farming | How Insects Help Reduce Food Waste

    You might have recently heard that our insect population is plummeting with a 40% decline in species. Maybe this made you realize how important insects are in our planet, from pollination to maintaining the health of soil. But did you know that insects can play an important sustainability role in food and agriculture?

Video Examples