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Sustainability of Protein Sources | Ask the Expert

What are the best eco-friendly protein sources? How much protein should you be having every day? Is it safe for babies to be on a vegan diet? Professor Mikael Fogelholm from University of Helsinki clears up protein nutritional myths and more.

Professor Mikael Fogelholm was formerly the chair of the workgroup that created the 2014 Finnish Dietary Guidelines. As the expert guest on the 'Well, Actually' podcast, he talks all about protein and how we can balance our health with the environment. Listen in to find out how prebiotics and probiotics can help improve your gut health, skin and possibly even cognitive function.

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0:00 Introduction

0:48 Who's Mikael Fogelholm?

1:36 Recommended daily protein intake

3:59 Consuming too much protein?

5:13 Different amino acids from different protein sources

5:56 Best protein source

6:21 Essential amino acids missing from grains and pulses

7:03 Vegan protein nutrition myths

9:15 How proteins break down in the body

11:21 High protein intake is bad for kidneys?

14:39 Side effects of too little protein

16:39 Should babies be on vegan diet?

18:46 Protein powder supplements

20:19 Does protein powder really help you bulk up?

22:42 Post work-out recovery: protein intake

24:07 Post work-out recovery: protein shakes

24:44 Does protein powder cause kidney stones?

27:50 The best time to take protein

29:09 Is it okay to eat meat before you sleep?

31:32 Why is fish and meat separated in Finnish food pyramid?

35:16 Why do dietary guidelines limit red meat and processed meat?

39:02 The sustainability of red meat

40:03 Is organic meat really more sustainable?

42:19 How to calculate the sustainability of different protein sources

45:24 Can you balance your health with the environment?

46:48 Where to find Mikael online

47:29 End of Season One


Podcast episode courtesy of European Food Information Council (EUFIC)


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