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FoodUnfolded is dedicated to reconnecting people with their food and empowering them to change our food system for the better. We tackle food through a variety of lenses: social, political, economic, cultural, and scientific. We value a data-driven and solution-oriented approach to writing, and accessible language that doesn’t leave anyone behind. The aim is to produce pieces that can be relevant in a lasting way that goes beyond news reporting. 

The audience is mainly European, although not exclusively: this doesn’t mean we only publish stories about Europe, but that the global stories we cover are often relevant to a European consumer. We are keen on tackling innovations, but we look for stories that can have big social and environmental impacts, or local stories placed in the here-and-now that can help pave the way for new ways of thinking. For us, context is everything: we do not report without considering limitations, and we do not make accusations without sufficient evidence and understanding.

We publish a mix of long-form, investigative deep-dives, reportages, shorter features, interviews, opinion pieces, short documentaries, and social media posts. Check our content before sending us a pitch to see whether we have covered that story already. We encourage pitches or original submissions from journalists, writers, reporters, science communicators, and experts/academics with a passion for communication. 

    Your pitch

    Pitches should be 300 words or less, and include why you think this story is suited for FoodUnfolded. These are some of the questions we might have about your pitch: if we can already answer them in your pitch, your submission is more likely to be successful. 

    • Headline: Can you write a headline that tries to capture what your article is specifically about?
    • Main question: What is the main question you want to explore with your piece?
    • Insight: What original insight do you hope to provide?
    • So what? Why is this piece relevant to our audience?
    • Why you? Why are you the right person to write this piece?

    Pitch Categories

    Short features

    Short features are typically pieces up to 750 words. These should not be news stories, but short informative pieces about food production and consumption, trends, innovations, policies, the chemistry of food, or about other food topics that are non-controversial and can be told in a short amount of space. This category also  includes shorter ‘listicle’ style pieces. Short features can also be in the form of reel and short video.

    Rate: 250-275 EUR

    Long-form features

    These stories are typically between 1200-1300 words. We expect that prospective contributors interested in writing a long-form piece will have already done a substantial amount of research into the story they are pitching, and that they can outline the passages of the full piece, including references and the names of the people and experts that they are going to interview for it. Long-form features should ‘deep dive’ into a subject, exploring different perspectives and/or arguments, and offer ‘food for thought’ to the reader. Long-form features could also be longer documentaries.

    Rate: 375 EUR


    These stories are highly competitive, as more resources are poured into their making. We recommend prospective contributors to include an outline of their project as detailed as possible, including all of the people they are going to interview, whether the reportage is going to be done in writing or multimedia form, and whether any traveling is required as part of the project. Reportages should not exceed 1500 words, unless otherwise agreed with the Commissioning Editor. Reportages can also be pitched in photographic or video form.

    Rate: 400 EUR


    The pitch for opinion pieces and essays should include a summary of the main question that will be explored, including why the issue should be considered timely, and which argument will be made. We encourage including links to supporting evidence. Any conflict of interest should be disclosed. Opinion pieces should not exceed 1000 words, unless otherwise agreed with the Commissioning Editor.

    Rate: 300 EUR

    Ask the Expert Interviews

    Interview pieces follow a standard ‘Q&A’ style format. We expect pitches for interviews to include a short explanation as to why the topic is suited to this format, what questions you hope to answer through your interview, and some potential interview candidates for the piece. Interviews are generally expected to be conducted online over video call, with raw accompanying screen and  audio recordings to be submitted alongside the article. Interview pieces should not exceed 1000 words, unless otherwise agreed with the Commissioning Editor.

    Rate: 275 EUR

    Original Photography 

    We also accept original photographic submissions that are related to our work and the topics we cover. Please submit photos as a 5-image photoset.

    Rate: 200 EUR per photoset (incl. copyright)  /  125 EUR (excl. copyright)

    Submitting Your Pitch

    To submit your proposal, download this form and submit it to hello@foodunfolded.com, starting the subject line of your email with the word "Pitch".

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